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Alexis Maillard invites you to discover his new exhibition space dedicated to contemporary art in the Marais, Paris. He likes to say that the gallery, open on October 1st, 2020, foremost belongs to the artists he works with.

The gallery opened based on the will to share artistic productions by a first circle of friends and intends to enlarge it with discoveries and encounters. The Galerie du Lendemain offers to artists to invest the gallery space and confront an often intimate and unexposed production to critical sights either professionals or amateurs.

The program, opened to any type of practices, therefore wishes to support visibility for emergent artists accordingly to those fundamental principles : simplicity, friendship sharing and freedom of creation. This contemporary art-space expects to follow the artists exhibited within their creative process, convinced that the transition from a private to a public sphere and passing threw the exhibition exercise is a major step to develop and question any practice.

Entitled Galerie du Lendemain, it turns itself with enthusiasm towards future times rather than the immediacy of the artworld. Following artists long enough, the gallery wants to support the birth and growth of practices it believes in.

For the new 2023-2024 season
The Galerie du Lendemain becomes Galerie du Lendemain – espace éphémère and offers solo or group shows in spaces chosen especially for each exhibition.