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December 2 – December 9, 2023

For its new exhibition presented in December 2023, the Galerie du Lendemain continues to explore the richness and diversity of male body’s theme and its artistic representation.

After two group shows, “Le nu masculin”, then “Subjective beauté – le choix du corps masculin », the Galerie du Lendemain presents Stéphane Gizard’s photographs.

This new series entitled “Brady Rider + friends” reveals the intimate daily life of a young man today and his friends.

The look at today’s youth does not seek plastic aesthetics or physical perfection, but on the contrary an immediate truth of the moment, this decisive moment when each of these young men will allow spontaneity to blossom to appear on the image, creating thus a true form of freedom and abandonment.

The sensitivity of Stéphane Gizard brings here a new necessary and demanded definition of gentleness, of masculine tenderness, far from these archaic societal norms which are still imposed on us today.