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drawings, paintings
April 16 – May 14, 2022

Alexandra Duprez went to the other side of the world to find her vocation as a painter. This was during a stay in Australia, aged sixteen, she discovered Aboriginal art. She got passionate for this painting style with rhythms and repetitive patterns. Following this initiatory journey, she decides to devote herself to painting. Back in France, she trained at the Beaux-arts of Quimper, then moved to Douarnenez where she lives and works.

Having become a painter, Alexandra Duprez develops her technique, her style and her subjects of predilection in drawings and paintings which come to life under her hand and which are never defined in advance. Artistic creation evolves as the canvas fills up: limbs reproduced ad infinitum, most often arms and legs, or fragmented elements, fragmented bodies like ex-votos, celestial or divine apparitions framing a face or body.

The artist offers a secret, mysterious, sometimes dark, sometimes luminous world. A populated world of mystical magic, of strange dreams that the artist brings out of her own reality.