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Octobre 8 – December 3, 2022

After “Dreamers”, a duo exhibition with photographer Zunderlust, Spring 2021, then a participation in the group exhibition “Le nu masculin – a group show”, Spring 2022, Galerie du Lendemain is pleased to present this Fall 2022, VENDA NOVA, Sylvain Dubrunfaut’s first Parisian solo show.

For this new exhibition, Sylvain Dubrunfaut continues to explore through his painting the palette of feelings and sensations experienced in the post-adolescent age, the age of all possibilities.

The sensitivity that emanates from his paintings shows how familiar this theme of youth is to him, because he knows how to observe with gentleness, meticulousness and great tenderness this very spécial world that is « in the making ».

The faces painted by Sylvain Dubrunfaut are so expressive that they seem to dialogue with us, tirelessly seeking answers that we ourselves do not know. As a result, these characters call into question what the adult world thinks it knows when it is also from the world of youth that it has just as much to learn in a thousand and one ways.

To liven up his palette and breathe new life into it, Sylvain Dubrunfaut went to Venda Nova ­ which gives the exhibition its title here ­ a Portuguese village surrounded by nature.

There, with the imposing light of the South and its inspiring influences, he bathed his canvases in a whole new chromatic intensity, discovering invigorating Summerr tones, also taking as his subject the abundant surrounding landscapes, while giving sensual colors, almost like skin tones, to his luminous portraits.