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Saturday May 13 – Saturday August 26, 2023

Galerie du Lendemain presents “Subjective beauté . Le choix du corps masculin”, his second group exhibition of the 2022-2023 season.

An exhibition that follows the one devoted to the male nude, in the spring of 2022.

This time, the selected artists answered the following question: what could define beauty, according to you, in Art? By collecting the answers, well beyond the representation of nature and its splendor to be preserved, which could have challenged our artists first, it is the choice of the human figure and more precisely that of the «male figure» which has looked their way.

Through this human representation of the masculine, each artist can thus express his thoughts, his dreams, his vision of reality and his intimate desires.

Would the male body therefore be today, again, as in the time of ancient Greece, the artistic representation of beauty?

This is, in any case, what these works, paintings, photographs, drawings and collages suggest, which are also an alternative to the brutality of our time, to conflict, to discord.

These works could have taken on a disturbing, shocking dimension, because Art can also be used for this, in order to convey an essential message to the world; on the contrary, here the works take on the subject of the exhibition with a dimension that is both universal and intimate, simply trying to capture those moments of beauty that only artists know how to perceive: in the abandonment of a body in motion, the tender embrace and the rush to freedom showing the way, the frank smile which lights up on a face, the discovery of an island where one can live naked, the time of a summer, sharing and harmony in a group of people, and many more details the artists have chosen to reveal here to answer, subjectively, our question and provide their answers, thereby uplifting our spirits and bringing sweetness to our hearts.