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paintings, photographs
Saturday April 1st – Saturday May 6, 2023

After “Le nu masculin”, the group exhibition presented from May to July 2022, devoted to the representation of the naked male figure, the Galerie du Lendemain proposes the theme of landscape for its first group exhibition of spring 2023.

The landscape, just like the male nude and the female nude, the portrait, the still life, is one of the artists’ favorite themes, a very classic theme, a “genre” in its own right, which has been treated in many ways at all artistic eras, a real “specialty” of Western art.

The proposal here is to bring together a small group of artists who present photographs and paintings for a contemporary vision of the classic landscape.

Each artist places us in the gaze of the traveler or walker who discovers, “on the way”- “En chemin”-, a new space, a new setting, because it is also a question here of imaginary landscapes, “mental” landscapes, of what the he mind can invent and create or what it can remember and then transcribe it into colors, different mediums and mouvements.

The photography, present in this group exhibition, is treated with the use of speed, thus giving the revealed image an almost abstract dimension, as in a pictorial composition; the photograph is also recreated in paint, or even repainted on an original photograph.

The landscape, as a subject or as a genre, is also what is represented by the artist: a series of gouaches that plunge us into the heart of a forest, over the seasons; vibrant colors to depict maritime scenes; softer, more “pastel” tones to evoke the Irish moor and its mysteries, and finally, subtle and solar lights, typical of the French Riviera.

A real call to travel and change of scenery, to discover new horizons, a necessary need to escape.