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Friday September 9 – Wednesday October 5, 2022

A dream of freedom, a desire for a life free from an oppression that does not say its name, the fantasy of a parallel life that seemingly exists on social media. Experiment to understand ourselves and know our truth, even sometimes going beyond our limits…

We often wonder to try to find out what an artist meant when we stare at a piece of art. We would like to understand and imagine what is hidden beyond appearances, to go further than simple aesthetic observation, beyond the pleasure we feel when facing with beauty, the desire felt by contemplating so much youth, so much grace…

The artist Vlad Zorin photographed a certain youth of Russian origin, he went to several cities in Russia, went into the very intimacy of the rooms of these young men, to seek a truth, the truth of their existence barely hatched and already, for some, punctuated by painful memories, for others, mostly, by moments of discovery, in a pursuit of themselves, with the sole purpose, during this initiatory journey, the dream of freedom .

The “Roman d’apprentissage”- or “Coming of age novel”, in English- is a classic genre of literature, it has inspired many artists in the field of cinema and contemporary photographie. Seizing the key moment, this very special space in between, where a young man still an adolescent leaves the world of childhood to enter, often with a crash, into adulthood, many artists have given birth to intense and memorable creations, this is also what Vlad Zorin has created here.

His meticulous and loving observation of his models and muses shows us that the artist himself knew how to understand this age, so delicate and yet so imperfect, because he lived it physically and mentally, his admiring attention and his sense of aesthetics have been able to capture these intimate moments of almost absolute freedom.