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January 14 – February 27, 2021

Julian Semiao was born in Lyon in 1996. After a bachelor’s degree in plastic arts from the University of Saint-Étienne, he obtained a master’s degree in painting contemporary at the University Panthéon-Sorbonne in Paris where he lives and works. Finalist of Luxembourg Art Prize in 2020, he unveils for his second personal exhibition in Paris, paintings freshly made for this first collaboration with the Galerie du Lendemain.

In its imposing formats, large figures dressed, naked or in an entwined stand out in colorful shapes from the pastel backgrounds. There are Monstera deliciosa from Jardiland, probably the plant most popular of the year and furniture Ikea, decorative markers of the decade. Sanitized but inhabited interiors, sometimes soiled, sometimes strewn with overflowing ashtrays, sometimes dotted with bottles of cheap red wine from “Monop”. In these genre scenes revisited one loses the reason. Composites, they are juxtaposed within the same canvas, members multiply and appear there more or less surprising animals: dog but also monkey, deer or shark, disturbances metaphors of a normalized daily life.