Julian Semiao


May 21 – July 9, 2022
extended until Saturday July 23, 2022


Julian Semiao

January 14 – February 27, 2021

In his wides acrylic paintings, Julian Semiao spread and leave floating on bright plane colors the icones of a contemporary world where banality reigns. In those paintings, no cheating perspective but an assumed superficiality dedicated to those strangely familiar figures and spaces. Sweet collage of nothingness often disturbed by the apparition of weird symbolic elements.

Quickly changing, the painter’s style adjusts to a paradoxical society he intends to represent where consumerism never completely restores sens or defeat boredom. Claiming its legacy from the narrative figuration movement and in its ancestor’s spirit, the artist doesn’t fix the contemporary image but rather inscribes it in a moving narrative, threw and with time. To this time consideration responds the time of production and creation technics : space simultaneity and plans layering.

Playing with the viewer, the more Julian Semiao’s painting accumulate stereotypes, the more it reinvents the referent towards collective fantasy to which everyone contributes.

Solo exhibitions | Expositions individuelles
2021  PARADIGMES - Galerie du Lendemain - Paris, France
2021  Galerie David Cha - Paris, France
  DÉRIVES - Galerie OpenBach - Paris, France

Group exhibitions | Expositions collectives
2021  HOME PERSPECTIVES - Espace Christine Peugeot - Paris, France
2021  LUXEMBOURG ART PRIZE, exposition des finalistes - La Pinacothèque - Luxembourg
2019  Galerie Vivienne - Paris, France
2018  Galerie Federson - Paris, France

Education | Formation
Master en peinture contemporaine - Université Panthéon Sorbonne Paris
Licence d’arts plastiques - Université de Saint-Etienne