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September 11 – September 29, 2021

From a piece or series chosen by the curator from a guest artist, the later in turn selects a piece from another artist, and so on up to a total of ten artists.

The artists, integrated into the construction of their exhibition, then deploy an internal look at their pieces and those of their contemporaries, exploding their readings into as many points of view. The principle of this exhibition is therefore to initiate a movement, to create a situation in which a chain of correlations unfolds so that each of the works resonates with the others, without being locked into the illustration of a finished subject. She wants to show the works as so many opened sentences, visible parts of a network of invisible correspondences. The exhibition thus conceived invites us to rethink the collective and the inclusion of artists in the processes of dissemination of their works, by exploring a possible ecosystem of the image.

Exquisite corpse, dominoes or dorica castra: the game, if understood as such, also carries with it a political form. Resonating with the avant-garde, through Raphaël-Bachir Osman’s canvas which opens the selection, this proposal seeks to rethink the group exhibition through the polyphony that it temporarily composes. The tutelary entity of the curator, powerless after incoming jokes, can only influence this process by choosing to close them.